Project Goal - Communicating how clear and effective the program is for ESL teachers, and that it is relatable for Kindergarten-age learners of English.

My Role- I was the creative lead and project manager for the entire RFTS collateral.

Outcome - This interactive brochure helped to increase sales of the RFTS program by 23% globally in the first month it went live.

Fidelity Investments | LifeStart Fitness App Icon and Landing Page

Goal - Conceptualize an app icon, mobile welcome page, and desktop landing page, increasing awareness of Fidelity's fitness and wellness mobile app

My Role- Liaison between Creative, Communications, and Management teams

Outcome - This project increased awareness of the LifeStart option for both on-site and remote employees

Fidelity Investments |
Dining Loyalty Program Signage

Goal - Provide communications and details of enhancements to the Fidelity dining program.

My Role- Coordinating with the Digital Marketing team as the lead Creative colleague on this project.

Outcome - saw a 15% increase in engagement and sign ups after the first three weeks of the signage and email campaign launch.

Fidelity Investments |
Real Estate Company Survey Results Template Concept

National Geographic Learning | Global Company Presentation Template (click to view full PPT) 

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