National Geographic Learning | TESOL 2022 Event Collateral
Goal - Provide information on new product offerings from National Geographic Learning at a high-visibility annual conference, TESOL

My Role- Project manager for the entire TESOL 2022 collateral, including a landing page, social posts, and standing banners in addition to brochure and booth design creation. Worked with conference vendor Shepard Exposition Services to coordinate the final booth and standing banners output

Outcome - Conference booth, TESOL brochure, and landing page saw engagement of over 8,000 TESOL attendees

The Beanery Logo
The Beanery Logo
The Beanery Logo and Coffee Cup Sleeve Design
The Beanery Logo and Coffee Cup Sleeve Design
Fidelity Investments | The Beanery Logo and Coffee Cup Sleeve Design 
Goal - Create a coffee cup and sleeve design for a Welcome Back to the Office event at Fidelity, logo was also leveraged on marketing materials for the event at The Beanery
My Role- Creative lead and project manager, coordinating with Marketing, and Communications
Outcome - The design was well-received and was adopted as the new design for the coffee shop’s hot and cold cups for the year

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